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A really fun bachelor party

Ahh the bachelor party. In French they call it ‘enterrement de vie de garcon’, which translates into ‘burial of a boy’s life’. It’s an important rite of passage which should’t be neglected. It's also an excuse to dress up your best friend in some ridiculous outfit (best purchased at some sexually explicit store, like this one).

Have you ever attended a bachelor party boy when your best friend was getting married? Or have you ever participated in organizing a bachelor party?
Often the event consists of two parts. Often the day or the afternoon is devoted to various games, tasks or challenges organized specifically for the guest of honor. In the evening, the party usually moves to a bar of some sort (or several).

All this seems very simple to organize. But make no mistake, organizing a bachelor party that lasts a full day or an afternoon is not as simple as it sounds.
The whole process must be carefully planned, after all, several activities must be booked and organized, and of course some basic rules must be decided.

In reality, most often the bachelor parties are not very well organized! Participants are often somewhat disappointed later. Not everyone was born to plan parties ...

And then there was Lamosca, an inventor of games city. Their basic idea is pretty simple: They invented Citygames you can do using the GPS on your mobile phone or smartphone.

They created a fun and interactive way to spend a bachelor party without having to organize everything yourself ...

"the Target" is one of their most popular city games. In this game, the groom plays the role of an escaped gangster while his friends play the role of police officers who track him down.


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