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The infrared cabin: a good alternative to sauna's?

infraroodcabine An infrared cabin, sauna or barrel sauna, which is best for you? We've all tried the traditional sauna's at some point, maybe you even have one at home?

You can't deny it: after a tiring and stressful day of work it's a wonderful feeling to be able to relax in your own sauna. Check out some recent models here: infrared cabin models

Infrared Cabin: is it right for you?

We've all seen and tried the classical sauna's, and some of us even have one at home.

infraroodcabine voor thuisHowever, there are other fun alternatives nowadays: have you ever heard of an infrared cabin? Actually it's kind of a modern variant of the sauna, where infrared lights take the place of the old 'coals-n-steam'.

Infrared cabins are completely safe, work in a perfectly natural way and don't have any negative side-effects.

They've been around for a while and keep getting more popular. It's said that the us of an infrared cabin can lessen muscular tensions, alleviate pain and beef up your naural resistance. What could be better to get through those long winters!

The price range is about the same as you woud expect to pay for a regular sauna.

So if you're looking for a sauna, check out all the alternatives and go someplace where you can actually test-drive the different models, so you can make the best choice for your home!

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