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Cooking lessons in Belgium

kooklessenA quick tip for those travelling cuisine-lovers out there. If you're ever on holiday near Antwerp, Belgium and want to learn more about Belgian cuisine, you might wanna read on!

Well, we sure did, and we discovered Diverso, a Belgian lunchroom with panache.



Cooking in Antwerp

Diverso is mostly known for it's lunches and business lunches, this restaurant serves delicious typical lunch menu's at a reasonable price.

Even though it's mainly a lunch establishment, at night and on the week-ends the Antwerp restaurant is also opened for groups. It's possible to get a private room, which is perfect in case of a family gathering or a business dinner. The staff seems well prepared for this kind of event and are very professional.

Most importantly, they don't try to hide their secrets! You can learn all the tricks of the trade and the secrets of Belgian cuisine from the chef himself during one of the cooking lessons that are organized regularly.

It's really worth a try, and you'll be cooking those Belgian dishes for many more years!

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