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Beauty spa for men

schoonheidssalon acneAre beauty spa's just for woman? Or is this a thought from another age and is the market ready for beauty spa's for men?

Nowadays, men spend more time on their appearance and are prepared to work on it. Exercise, expensive haircuts and designer clothing are acceptable to most men. But are they ready for a trip to the beauty spa for men?

There are several treatments that men can benefir from at a beauty spa, like facial treatments, manicures, acne treatments or body hair removal.


Beauty spa for men?

Yes, they exist: beauty spa's for men. Some include massage, sauna, spa treatments, tanning beds, advanced treatments like microdermabrasion, and other amenities.

All those things are also pretty acceptable to most men: but what about a facial treatment, manicure or body hair removal? Even some men in dire need of acne treatment are too scared to step into a beauty spa!

The fact is that most men aren't ready for such things: the men that do partake in such activities tend to do it secretly because it isn't socially accepted in all circles.

But what can you do when you want to look your best but are too ashamed to go to a beauty spa? You just do it yourself!

However, we aren't all professional beauty technicians, so the results aren't always the same as when a professional does it!


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