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Mediums and psychics: are they for real?

Ever been to a seance, where mediums or psychics claim to be talking to spirit guides or to the spirits of the deceased, or even directly 'talk with the voice of the dead'.

Well, this hobby reporter has. Driven by curiosity, I went and enlisted the services of a well-respected (in the general medium and psychic fanbase populace, anyway) mediul. And although I wouldn't want to claim outright that the man was a fraud - he was kind of sympathetic, in a creepy Tim-Burtonesque way - I do remain sceptical.


I asked him to contact my deceased granny, and of course asked as many direct questions as I could, especially ones he couldn't know the answer to. I even popped in a 'where did you bury the family jewels' to see what kind of reaction it would get. I have to say, the man was an artist. Mediums often are, apparently.


It was a show to behold: the whole eye-rolling, back-of-the-throat grunting, lolling head was a sight for sore eyes (if you are B-movies fan, that is).

So even though I'm not convinced that he as actually communicating with the dead, I still feel like I got my money's worth. ANd isn't that just what it's all about?

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