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Discover 10 tips for sauna dummies

saunaIt sounds very tempting when you’re able to go to a   a beauty & wellness center but have you ever been ‘to the sauna’? Are you wondering how it would be? Should you really go in naked? With these tips you can transform your 'first time' into a wonderful time.

Choose your favourite bath towel from home, throw a few items of your toiletry in your bag and pull out immediately to the sauna center you’re so long willing to visit. Enter the center without blinking,  choose a suitable place, lay down low and enjoy  your time wholly. Nothing  as simple as that! Keep in mind when choosing a place: the higher you sit, the hotter it gets. Heat rises so start at the bottom!

When you sit down, it seems better not to throw your towel around you, place it under your body to absorb the sweat. Imagine, you won’t make it any hotter in an already hot place?

Don’t you dare because of the presence of others? Get rid of that feeling because in here, everybody wears the same. In the beginning it gets a little used to, but once you're acquainted with the situation, you will enjoy your freedom!

You can tie your towel around you outside of the sauna or you can put on a bathrobe. In most saunas there is the opportunity to sit somewhere comfortably next to the resting space, where you can drink and eat. Sometimes it’s even possible to dine in the center. Social contact and sociability are therefore well covered!


Is visiting a sauna healthy?

Sweating in the sauna is not only deliciously relaxing but also healthy.

Favourable for heart and blood vessels

A 10 to 20 minutes sauna session is the equivalent of a light workout for your heart and blood rate. In a sauna, the skin temperature rises to 40 ° C. Profuse sweating causes your body to lose enough heat through evaporation of water. It is necessary that enough blood is sent to the skin and therefore your heart will pump faster. This should not be of any problem for people with high blood pressure. Neither are cardiac patients exposed to no risk. Only in the case of a stroke, an aortic stenosis or an unstable angina pectoris, it is best to avoid a visit to the sauna.

Beautiful skin

When you are sweating, the pores dilate and your skin is thoroughly rinsed from the inside. This causes the skin to feel wonderfully soft.

Easier breathing

The warm air fills up your lungs and colds settle faster. People with asthma or bronchitis sometimes experience easier breathing after a visit to the sauna.

Less pain

Because of the heat, the muscles and joints become more flexible. This can be beneficial for muscle or joint pain, even for rheumatic pain. Just after the sauna, the pain may get worse for a short while. You can prevent this when you take a cold shower immediately after you exit the sauna.

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