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Your adult home party, our concern!


Our home parties are completely free...Do you have a night off? How about getting together with your friends and girlfriends to organize a home party at your place? The Upper Dare hostesses bring a suitcase packed with the most diverse products; anything you always wanted to know, you can ask her that night...

Adult home parties put everyone at ease and are hosted at one of your girlfriends’ houses. The event will thus take place in a homely and familiar environment. Of course, the hostess receives a small reward in return for the organization of the event. For all other participants, fun is guaranteed without any obligation to purchase. Visit now and book a night!

Using home parties, Upperdare companies present special products and sex toys in a very pleasant and relaxing atmosphere ...  You can feel, smell and taste everything before you buy anything!

You can place orders during the sensual evening and settle directly with the Upper Dare hostess or pay by bank transfer. Everything will be packed separately and discretely and delivered to the address of the hostess.

The main purpose of this titillating home party is to have a nice and cosy evening. Privacy guaranteed: orders are placed with discretion. All Upperdare hostesses received a valuable training and are checked regularly!

Make your wildest dreams come true, discover a new dimension, enjoy a fulfilling life. Find out about the latest features and facts and make your life much more interesting. An expert hostess will explain to you in great detail how your sex life can be improved. All kinds of problems and ambiguities in this regard can be discussed and will be resolved.

Do not hesitate and invite your friends to a fun adult home party. They won’t regret this, success is guaranteed!

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