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Window washing: a booming business?

glazenwasserWashing your own windows is anough of a chore - even though nobody really likes doing it. With the light hitting it at just the right (or rather wrong) angle, you can alwaus distinguish some smudges or stripes, even though you tried so hard.

So, have you ever considered washing the windows of a huge office building?



Window washers - because some windows, you don't want to clean yourself!


As we mentioned earlier, cleaning your own windows is one thing, even though we don't like doing it!

But what about those huge office buildings we see everywhere? These days more and more office building walls consist almost completely of windows or mirrored windows. And even so, these windows always have to be in perfect condition, because else the whole building will quickly look uncared for, which can look unprofessional.

Most (actually almost all) of these buildings make use of professional window washing services. If you stop to think how many of these office buildings there are nowadays, you suddenly realise that this is a huge service industry which employs a great number of people. Even so, we rarely stop to think about it and dont know very much about these 'window washers'.

Companies that offer these services are for the most part specialized in washing the windows of those huge office buildings and have the necessary equipment to do it. They must be prepared to work at great hights. In most cases they use mobile elevators and cranes to be able to reach those high windows. However, for buildings that are too high (think skyscraper), installations must be placed on the roof so a lift can be lowered from them.

We hardly ever stop to think about it, but it's a daily hassle for office building managers and a necessary evil - as well as a service industry that employs a huge amount of people.


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