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Do you prefer leather or cloth sofas?

lederen salonsDo you prefer cloth sofas or leather sofas? Both have advantages and disadvantages! When you're decorating your new home, it's definitely something to think about!


Leather or cloth sofas?

There are a number of questions you should be asking yourself: do you prefer a designer sofa or a comfortable couch? The sofa must fit with your interior, has to look good and also needs to be comfortable!

The choice between leather or cloth sofas isn't an easy one to make: keep the following questions in mind:

  • Do you have pets? Leather couches are sturdy, but a cat's claws can still leave some ugly marks.
  • Are you sometimes clumsy? Leather sofas are safer if you sometimes spill your drink: you can simply clean it off with a damp cloth without leaving stains.
  • Are you the sweaty type? During the summer you will probably get stuck to your sofa and will have to rip yourself loose! Ouch!
  • Leather couches are more expensive, that's a fact. But they also last longer so in the long run it could even cost you less money.

Consider these points when making your choice, and you should be fine!

lederen salons

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