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Designer rugs: the right rug can change your entire interior

designer rugsEver thought of getting a designer rug?

It's a sure fire way to give your interior that touch of luxury and class!

Designer rugs can change the entire flow of your interior for the better. They are also quite easy to find on specialized design sites.



Designer rugs

designer rugsDid you ever hear anyone say "I'd rather have one beautiful piece of furniture, just one, than a house full of crap"? Well, I did, and it stuck with me!

If this is true about anything, its true about designer rugs. The right rug can pull a room together and change it's all-over impression.

Imagine a room, if you will, filled with standard issue Ikea furniture (not that we have anything against Ikea furniture, I happen to have quite a lot of it in my living room, but you know what I mean...).

Now imagine, in the middle of that room, a beautiful rug. It can be an elegant, sombre rug, giving the room a serious atmosphere. It can be a beatnik hippie little number, that makes the room joyful and playful. Or it can be anything in between!

The right designer rug can give your living room the ambiance that you want. In ordee to tie it into the interior properly, all you have to do is buy some small elements reminiscent of some of the color tones in the rug (a lamp, a vase, any small item within the same color scheme) and have two or three such elements scattered over the room.

Try it and you'll see, a simple rug and sime tie-in elements can change the entire ambiance of your interior!

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