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Well drilling - a trade apart

Well drilling is a very specialized profession. We do not often think about how much expertise is involved! Well drilling has developed into a highly specialized and technical activity over the years.

There are local companies in each and every country that specialize in well drilling techniques.


Well drilling, more art than technique

Drilling wells manually - as it used to be done - is a thing of the past. Most well drillings these days are performed with the air percussion technique.

This technique is fast and efficient. However, in the case of the drilling of a well for groundwater extraction purposes, the drilling operation is much more than simply 'making a hole in the ground'.
For many people, the drilling activity consists only of that which they can see and perceive above the ground. A water well, however, is a specially designed hole in the ground, which makes it possible for water to naturally flow into the well, and makes extraction of said water possible from the top of the well.

Part of this design is necessary to prevent nature from taking its course and just collapsing the well under the pressure of geological formations. This would mean energy costs and having to re-drill the hole.

For the drilling expert the act of drilling is what's important, not the water. This task should be left to scientists who are able to devote themselves to the study of the geological formations. Nobody can work alone: it's important for the drilling expert and the geologist to work together, as a team!

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