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Endotracheal suctioning: the advantages of closed suction systems

Endotracheal suctioning is the medical procedure used in combination with respiratory systems. The suction systems have one task: to avoid the accumulation of fluids that can eventually contribute to pulmonary infections when patients are making use of respiratory systems for prolonged periods.

There are two different systems of endotracheal suctioning currently in use: open suction systems and closed suction systems.

Different countries apply different standards: for example, in the UK closed suction systems are used, but other countries like Germany and France for example still use open suctioning systems, as the closed endotracheal suction systems are not mandatory there.


Closed endotracheal suctioning: greatly reduced chance of infections

The advantages of the closed endotracheal suctioning have been shown through clinical trials: the risk of respiratory tract and pulmonary infections is greatly decreased in the case of closed systems.

Whenever respiratory systems are used, there is a risk of ventilator assisted pneumonia (VAP). Patients that are being treated while on respirators are at risk of contracting respiratory tract infections and even pneumonia.


In the case of closed endotracheal suctioning systems, the risk of VAP is greatly reduced.

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