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Boost your presentation skills

You need to give a presentation and you're not sure you can do it? Rest assured, most people face this problem when they have to give a presentation in front of an audience for the first time, and sometimes even long after that!

All of us aren't cut out to speak in front of a crowd, but there are things you can do to make things better and boost your presentation skills.

This article gives you some practical insights on how to make your presentation interesting and compelling.

Source: Presentations skills courses Brussels


How to boost your presentation skills

How can you make sure your presentation isn't dull or boring?

There is no 'miracle cure' to make a wonderful presentation, simply because it's success depends on many factors: the subject, the location, the type of audience etc. So you have to be adaptable to each type of situation. Howevern there are some things you can do to improve your chances of success.

A presentation is an instrument of persuasion, so you have to get the audience on your side to be able to convince them. You have to aim for your audiences empathy and interest. Then, tell your audience what the purpose of the presentation is so they are compelled to follow your argument.

How to structure your presentation?

To interest your audience, you should tell a story with a beginning, some events, and an end. Do not neglect to incorporate a narrative structure. This ensures that your audience will follow you every step of the way. Keep the rythm up and add examples, illustrations, anecdotes so they don't get bored.

How to animate your presentation?

The presentator must be convinced, enthusiastic and passioned by the subject matter, or the audience won't be. The presentation is not a one way street, it's an exchange: stay infront of your audience and never turn your back to them!

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