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Taxi service in Brussels

These days taxi services are used for many reasons - whether it be for personal or business purposes.
Taxi companies also are offering more and more diverse services - for example you can have them transport packages in a special vehicle which  is not suitable for passengers . Then there are also various business services which require different types of vehicles. There are also more and more limousine taxis available for large or for special occasions, and lets not forget taxis which are specially adapted for handicapped passengers. A large percentage of taxi traffic in Brussels revolves around trips to and from the Brussels airport.

Taxi services in Brussels are constantly evolving - as can be witnessed on taxi airport Brussels, the website of one of the largest Brussels taxi companies.

A fun fact: the word taxi comes from taximeter, a device that measures time and distance.

Taxi fares are regulated and recorded each year. This refers to the maximum rate, which should not be exceeded by any taxi driver or taxi company. The rates are calculated differently depending on the municipality, city or county.

Watch out for non-official taxis! Taxis must be equipped with a professional card and a parking licence visible from outside the vehicle, usually on the windshield.


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