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Positive effects of plastic surgery

Frank PlovierWhen it's time to broach the subject of plastic surgery, a little controversy is never far away.

Some people believe that patients who undergo a voluntary plastic surgery procedure put themselves in danger of pain or other health risks, all in the name of beauty.

While there are several risks and possible side effects that can arise from different plastic surgery procedures, research has shown that plastic surgery can be the source of many positive long-term psychological effects.

In Belgium, the quality of healthcare is such that one generally has little to worry about regarding the quality of medical treatmen. However, it's always advisable to speak with a qualified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Frank Plovier for example.



Plastic Surgery and its psychological effects

In March 2013, European scientists published an article in Clinical Psychological Science on the psychological effects of plastic surgery. The study compared a group of 544 people who had undergone plastic surgery to a group of 264 people who were interested in plastic surgery, but didn't have any procedure done.

The study followed these people for a year after their surgeries and found that those who were dissatisfied with some aspects of their physical appearance, and had resorted to plastic surgery to correct this, were much happier one year after the surgery than those who did not perform plastic surgery.

The study found that people who underwent plastic surgery were generally noticing positive psychological effects in all areas, including feelings of a better quality of life, satisfaction, self-esteem and attractiveness.

The study also found that people who are dissatisfied with some aspect of their physical appearance and made the necessary changes, were happier than people in the same situation who had not resorted to plastic surgery.


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