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Factors that can influence the choice of windows

window woodNew buildings, renovations or simply replacing old windows and doors: you should think twice whilst choosing between the right kinds of external joinery. This decision has a significant impact on usability, your wallet, the look of your home and on power consumption. Moreover, not all materials are equally suitable for every kind of application. Outside joinery means more than choosing windows and doors alone. What about your porch or window blinds? After reading this text you might feel a bit more confident to make these important decisions. For more information regarding windows, check here or read on.

1. And the most suitable material is...

Wood, aluminium or PVC? This is the key question concerning anyone who wants to buy windows and doors. But there’s more diversity than the trinity mentioned above, for there are many other solutions. What are the advantages and disadvantages of all these materials and in which situation should you use them?

2. The window mounting

The mounting is composed of the visible and invisible parts of the closing system of windows and doors i.e. hinges, locks, latches and handles. The visible parts are available in different materials. Hidden or ‘invisible’ mountings are gaining popularity nowadays. The hinges are (almost) completely incorporated into the window frame. They work in the same way as a visible mounting and can be applied to the majority of profile systems. Even regular handles are sometimes replaced with handles that are incorporated in the profile.

window pvcThe concealed hinges are a nice option for those who like minimalistic windows. This luxury does result in an additional cost, which varies between 30 and 50 euros per window. However, there is one drawback to this: the windows only open up to a 90° angle. Consequently, you cannot open them all the way up against the wall as regular hinges do.

Obviously, the most visible element of windows and doors is the latch. Nowadays, there is a huge range of supply, both in terms of materials and design. The greatest designers have ventured into designing beautiful latches. But be aware: if you choose a trendy design, you will look at exponential expenses of your budget.

3. Safety

Forcing windows and doors remain the biggest problem with burglary. Only through these places and the garage door will an intruder gain access to the property. Profiles should provide sufficient resistance to deter a burglar together with the glass, fittings and fasteners.

There is a wide range of protective measures in securing external joinery: there are high security profile systems, burglar resistant glass, security fittings, custom cylinder locks ... all to enhance security (see point 4: the front door). It is recommended that you use a multi-point lock in your house as the bare minimum. Special tabs over the closures are designed to make it as difficult as possible for an intruder who wants to invade your home.

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