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How does a waterfilter work?

waterfilterNext to systems which you have to connect to your water tap to soften the water, you can also opt for a simple kettle with a filter or a combination of a special tap and a reservoir under your kitchen sink. If you want that steaming cup of tea or coffee or a quick bowl of pasta, you can do everything with pure water! Continue reading the article for more about waterfilters!

Different types of waterfilters

For several decades, specialized companies are producing portable systems to help in water purification. The applied innovative techniques allow us to enjoy a good cup of tea or coffee at any time of the day and  creates useful new applications and fun gadgets.

  • Simple water heaters are equipped with a lime filter that stops the coarse particles. These filters are removable, so you can rinse these under the tap.
  • The largest and most popular range of water jugs has a built-in filter, which provides a thorough cleansing of your drinking water. This type is often integrated into high-quality espresso machines.
  • Consumers who are willing to pay a little extra, can install a combination of a boiling-water tap connected to a reservoir under the kitchen sink. This reservoir contains a patented filter.
  • A takeaway drink bottle might be useful to sports enthusiasts. This gadget is equipped with disposable discs used for the water filtering, which guarantees hygienic drinking water any time.

All advantages in a nutshell

What are the advantages of such a water filter? Allow us to summarize this for you.

  • Drinking water of good quality is essential to our bodies and our health. Due to the current filtering techniques you’re sure that all modern kettles are equipped with proper filters to purify your water optimally.
  • The extensive market supply provides solutions for the most diverse needs: it is possible to enjoy the quiet cup of coffee without any loss of aromas, it is available for the manager of a gourmet restaurant or you can equip your espresso machine in your company...
  • There is a distinct difference in taste and looks between filtered and unfiltered water. You will no longer face dirty lime scale on the edges of your cups or any distasteful film on your tea or coffee. Because all odor- and taste-distorting elements have been removed, you are able to enjoy the real flavor of your drinks.
  • Manufacturers take sustainability and the environment more and more serious. Therefore, some filter cartridges are equipped with a display which indicates the remaining capacity and the replacement time. The manufacturer tries to make them last as long as possible (sometimes up to 5 years). Also, the material used is now recyclable.
  • We also thought about your comfort! You will find a wide range of kettles online, which come often with a free set of filters! You can change the filter cartridges with a simple click function.

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