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Do more with PDF files

pdf to wordSince 1993, a PDF (or Portable Document Format) is one of the most efficient ways to exchange documents without losing the formatting of documents due to a different version of Word on your computer. This format is also useful if you don’t want the recipient to edit the file. But you can do so much more with PDF than to mail the file.For more tips on converting PDF files to Word files, visit

Write PDFs yourself

You can use Microsoft Office 2010 to save your document as a PDF. If you use an older version, you can install a free PDF creator. Caution! If you want to save your file as a PDF, choose 'Print'. Between your installed printers you will also find a PDF Creator.

How to embed PDFs

If you offer PDFs on your website (an agreement, a magazine, ...), you can allow visitors to download the file. But you can make it even more easy by embedding the PDF on your website (the same way as when you put a Youtube video on your website). This ensures that your website visitor does not need to download the PDF to read it but can instantly read the file on your site.

Convert PDF back to Word

In some cases, you’ll receive a PDF file when you actually prefer the article in a Word format, so you could edit it. With standard PDF readers, this is usually not possible and you will have to look for other tools that allow you to edit the PDF file or convert the file to a .doc or .docx format which can be opened in Microsoft Word.

Once converted, you can add, delete, and modify the text in the document. In addition, you can also change the layout.
When you have completely finished editing, you can choose to save the document in .doc format. But if you are sure the file is completely finished, you can convert it to the PDF format again.

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