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Nametags for children

nametagsIf you have little children, you probably know the feeling of frustration that I am having right now. With four kids, all under the age of six, I have to keep track of a lot of pieces of clothing. This includes keeping track of which piece of clothing belongs to which one of the children but also making sure they do not forget them somewhere. Visit for more info.


When my first kid started going to school, I spent a lot of time digging through the pile of clothes in the lost-and-found. While it happened a lot, it also did not take a lot of time to find the clothes that belonged to little Tom because I knew which ones were his. But now with the forth kid also going to the same school it’s getting more and more time consuming to find the clothes that belong to us. Of course I don’t want to take home clothes that do not belong to any of my children. And asking my children if a piece of clothing is theirs isn’t always reliable either.


I’ve been looking for a solution to this problem for the past 4 years now and I think I’ve found it now. A friend of a friend of mine showed me a website called My Nametags. This website sells, as the name suggests, nametags that can easily be stuck on clothing.

On the website, you can insert the text you want to appear on the labels. In my case, I chose the names and surnames of all of my children together with our address and phone number. For the second step, you have to choose an image and a background for the labels. For this, I asked the help from my children. They now all have personalized nametags in their clothes so it’s easy to keep them apart when they’re all thrown into the laundry basket.

For the third and final step, all you have to do is choose the amount of labels you wish to purchase, add them to the cart and checkout. When the labels arrive at your home, you can start sticking them on the inside of your children’s clothes.

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