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Buying diamonds

When you buy diamonds, do you go to your local retailer or do you buy online? Is it so easy to buy diamonds in a responsible way?

Historically, buying diamonds is actually not that difficult.
If you wanted to get a diamond engagement ring or a pair of diamond earrings or a bracelet, you would just go to your favourite local diamond retailer and pick one out.



Diamond shopping?

In the past 30 years, however, there has been much evolution in the diamond business, so you can now take these scenarios with a grain of salt. Today it is up to you, the ‘diamond shopper’, to play a much more active role in this procurement process.

You’d better do your homework before proceeding to making a purchase these days!

The 4 basic elements that determine the price of diamonds are fairly simple to understand. But as so often happens, once you go beyond the basics, an information overload occurs and it all becomes much more complicated.

Diamonds: the basics

As many of you have doubtlessly already heard, the 4 components of the price of a diamond formats are Clarity, Carat, Color and Cut.

In your search for the perfect diamond it is always better for you not to get too quickly distracted by the vague promise of lower prices.
In general, the following rule applies: you get what you pay for. Your local retailer uses mostly higher diamond prices (sometimes these are even mutually agreed between various stores or chains!).

It’s still better to request an estimate by an independent expert before buying anything. Sometimes you can even get a free independent valuation carried out - at the expense of the jeweler. You can also ask whether they offer  free check-ups or cleaning of the jewelry. Some stores also offer free measure adjustments.

Online diamond are sometimes an attractive alternative to traditional jewelers. They usually offer quality diamonds at affordable prices, along with the ability to place the diamond in a basic setting.
It requires more research work on the part of the buyer.

Think you have enough knowledge of diamonds? Do you trust the company that sells them? It is certainly an acceptable alternative.

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