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Why choose a dedicated server?

supermicro server

A shared hosting environment is cost-efficient and, if you choose for a good hosting partner, also reliable.  But because you share a server with others, the performance of your site or shop can be influenced by processes, scripts or activities belonging to those other sites and shops that share the same server. Compare it with living in a large apartment building, where the water pressure drops when many people shower at once. Sometimes it is therefore better to opt for a dedicated supermicro server. Using the Supermicro servers you can set these up in your own company.

Is a dedicated server always the best choice then?


No. A shared hosting environment can be perfectly fine. In that case it is only important that the shared hosting environment has been set up properly. Your hosting provider must make sure that the server is not overloaded and enough capacity is available.  Especially for small or starting shops a shared hosting environment is ideal. Not in the least because you pay much less for a shared hosting package than for a dedicated hosting package.

Other benefits of a dedicated Supermicro server

If your shop is too large for shared hosting, you choose for dedicated hosting. After all, you do not want your shop to be less accessible because too many visitors come to the shop at once, for example during a large sale. You also do not want your site to load so slowly that your visitors click on and shop at the competitor. A dedicated server has a number of benefits.

  • With a dedicated server you have guaranteed resources at your disposal.
  • You can decide how many domain names you link to the server by yourself.
  • Deviating from standard settings is often no problem. Indeed, you can install that one module that needs a certain server setting or the one that can only run if you have the server 'to yourself'.
  • If you choose for a dedicated server, you will notice that the performance of your shop increases. The loading time of your web shop will decrease. Something for which both Google and your visitors are grateful.
  • Special caching possibilities like Varnish.

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