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Butterfly Valves or Three-way Valves?

butterfly valve

Before examining the properties of a butterfly valve or a three-way valve, let’s go over their purpose when installing plumbing fittings. A butterfly valve is most commonly used to regulate the temperature of the water that omes out of your faucets while a three-way valve regulates the temperature of the water that goes into the central heating of your house.

Butterfly Valve

Plumbing fittings are made up of various valves, which give your house direct access to hot and cold water. Currently, the ranges of fittings you can find on the market are cover both aesthetic and functional needs.

Various appliances are typical for plumbing fittings:

  • simple valve: supplies your building with hot water and cold water
  • mixing valve: requires manual control to mix hot water and cold water
  • thermostatic mixer: allows you to choose the specific temperature of the water
  • cascade mixer: the perfect model for basins and tubs

Being for functionality above all, building fittings make up a large range of valves as well as a range of butterfly shut-off valves.

Three-way Valves

Three-way vales are equipment used to adjust the power of heating or cooling emitters.

Depending on their installation, three-way vales allow you to either vary the temperature of the water (from the emitter’s inlet) or to adjust the water flow into the emitter.

Now we’ll talk about variable temperature and water flow controls:

Without considering the method of control (adjustable temperature or water flow), there are two ways to install three-way valves:

  • The water is drawn in through the valve: The three-way valve has 2 inlets for water and one outlet. We can say this valve works through mixture.
  • The water is “pushed” through the valve: The three-way valve has 1 inlet for water and two outlets. We can say this valve works through diversion (or through distribution or discharge).

Remember: Assembling through mixing or diverting does not affect the control method (of the temperature or water flow).

Adjustment of the temperature or water flow at the inlet or the emitters can be done just as well through valves assembled to mix as valves assembled to divert.

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