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Furnishing your child's room: Tips and inspiration

child's room

Decorating and furnishing your child's room is no small matter: there's a series of things that you have to do, and quite a lot of preparation is needed. As well as providing a place to sleep, the room should also provide areas for the child to play and do handicrafts and homework, and much more. You'll find tips, inspiration and cool ideas here for decorating and furnishing the room. The Ferm Living brand has a wide range of the products that you might need for your child's room.

Divide the room into zones

The child's room should be thought of as a multifunctional space where your child will do a lot of different activities. The best way to accomplish this is to divide the room into different zones. You could divide it up like this: a games area; a study area; a drawing and painting area; and a cozy sitting area in one corner. If the room is divided into different zones, it's easier to keep it clean and tidy, and it makes it easier for you to make clear agreements with the child about cleaning up and tidying up the room. To gain additional space, you can buy multifunctional furniture, such as a child's bed which has a desk that pivots out (or can be pulled out).

There's never enough storage space!

It is essential to have enough storage space in your child's room. There are a number of ways for the child to avoid clutter and untidiness by putting stuff away tidily, using the following: wicker baskets, built-in cupboards, shelves that are partitioned off (and hidden) by curtains, transparent storage boxes... these are just a few examples. It can also be very practical to have small, lockable cupboards (or lockable drawers) that only parents will have access to, for storing possessions that small child should not use without parental supervision (e.g. scissors, pencils with sharp points). To round off this stage of the task nicely, you can also put up some shelves to hold photo frames, trophies and mementoes.

Curtains in the nursery

It's not a big task to buy the right curtains to protect your child's room adequately from the sun. Washable materials such as PVC are preferred but curtains made out of textiles are perfectly possible, too. To prevent accidents, try to avoid curtains that are so long that they trail on the floor. If your child can get at the curtains, it is best to buy the type of curtain rail to which curtains are fastened with Velcro. This will prevent the child from bringing the whole curtain rail crashing down if he/she grabs the curtain and pulls it.

Give the walls a creative touch

Don't feel apprehensive about making the walls in the child's room more eye-catching than the walls in the rest of the house. If you don't feel like painting the room, you can decorate it with stickers, wallpaper, murals and large photographs.

Also, you and your child can have a lot of fun with signboard paint or whiteboard paint in the room. Your child will be spending time on something creative and it gives the room a distinctive, personalised look. If you're afraid that this would get your children into the habit of writing on every wall they can find, you can paint the walls with magnetic paint instead, so that they can play with magnetic letters and hang their favourite drawings on the wall.

Child-friendly furniture

If you want to buy new furniture, then you should look for safe, child-friendly furniture. Avoid furniture with sharp edges and corners, and check that the furniture is stable and can stand up to rough treatment. Also, children are particularly creative: they soon learn that you can use markers and crayons on furniture as well as paper, so washable furniture is strongly recommended!

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