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Relationship problems

Having trouble with your marriage or a committed relationship? Do you feel stuck or disconnected from your partner or spouse? Do you sometimes wonder "Does she like me?" when thinking about your wife? Perhaps couples therapy is the answer!

Does it often seems like you each speak a different language, making it impossible to listen to and to understand each other? Do you spend more and more time away from your partner? Are you looking elsewhere for emotional support? Read on!

Relationship problems

If you answered yes to any of these questions, know that you are not alone. Many couples get into relationships with the hope of achieving a loving, supportive and intimate relationship that lasts a lifetime.

When this fails, many people feel disappointed, hurt, angry or even betrayed. They begin to see each other as enemies and go onto the defensive. When this happens you go into the red zone, also known as the ‘ower struggle’.

Couples therapy and the power struggle.

"If you don’t see things my way, you’re crazy!". This phrase sums up the power struggle perfectly. In that phase, couples take part in quarrels where words can be like flying daggers.
It is during this time that partners try to escape their relationship by means of alcoholism, work, surfing the net or other distractions, anything to be away from their relationship.
The empathy, understanding and compassion that are so desperately needed, are missing in this phase. It may be the most frightening, scary and offensive phase of a relationship.

Can couples therapy help?

Often, couples therapy can help couples transform their relationships into a safe, loving and intimate place. This approach has already helped countless people to change their relationship.

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