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Micro-CHP, what's that all about?

centrale verwarmingMicro-CHP stands for Micro Combined Heat and Power: it's an alternative to gas boilers or fuel oil boilers.

It's an environmentally friendly solution that can be used to heat your home. Do you have a gas boiler, a fuel boiler or solar panels at home?

Which is the cheapest and most environmentally friendly solution when you get down to facts? For those looking to save on their energy bill, it's best to carefully compara energy providers.

What's Micro-CHP and how does it work?

Well, let's begin with the basics: most energy generating plants or energy generators work with the same basic principle: some kind of fuel is burned, which produces energy. However, this is not an efficient process, since only 60% of the released energy can be used.

The rest of the energy is released as heat (try standing in the same room as your fossil fuel generator, it's more than likely nice and toasty warm in there), and that energy is lost in the case of classical installations.

The advantage of micro-CHP installations is that this heat energy is recaptured by the installation and can be re-used. Thanks to this method there is of course a savings in terms of energy and fuel. That's where the 'environmentally friendly' comes in: you need less fuel to create the same quantity of energy, which is positive for the environment.

But this system can also have a positive influence on your spendings: not only are you using up less energy, you can 'redistribute' your excess energy to the energy company, much like you can do when you have a solar panel installation. This energy will be directly deducted from your energy bill!

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